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Tregothnan Estate English Tea :
It's a surprising fact that tea is now being grown in England. Yes, the first ever English tea plantation is on the Tregothnan Estate in Cornwall.

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One day tea tasting course!

Location: Tregothnan Estate in Cornwall, the First Tea Estate in England.

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Tea tasting course – a one day tea tasting course on the Tregothnan Estate in Cornwall, the First Tea Estate in England.

Would you like to know more about one of the oldest known beverages?

Would you like to know the best way to serve tea?

Do you know the health benefits of tea?

Discover the allure of tea and what has kept tea as the world’s number one beverage for centuries.

Run by top tea tasters and world renowned presenters including Tim Clifton and Jane Pettigrew (author of The Tea Lover's Companion).

Booking information

Booking for courses in 2009 are now being taken.

You will join a small group of about 20 like minded tea enthusiasts.

For further information tea tasting courses at Tregothnan, please contact Charlotte Lean on 01726 827 376. The Complete Itinerary is available on request.

A description of the course

I have recently attended the Tea Masterclass held at the Tregothnan estate in Cornwall - the first ever tea plantation in the United Kingdom. This course should appeal to anyone who is enthusiastic about our national beverage and would like an insight into the historic trade.

The setting for the course is perfectly English and expectations were high. The course is engrossing from the outset.
The day began with initial introductions (and well-served tea of course). Then, Jane Pettigrew gave a passionate talk about the history of tea and its origins into the UK, explaining how it gradually infiltrated our hearts and became the national beverage. Next, Tim Clifton talked enthusiastically about how the tea is grown, plucked and transformed into the tea that we know and love.

The remainder of the day was full of tea tastings, a tour of the magnificent Tregothnan tea gardens, a wonderful lunch, talks on the various grades of tea leaves and much more.

The course can take up to 20 tea enthusiasts and is very well run. Tregothnan and Tresillian are only a few miles out of Truro and there are plenty of reasonably priced guest houses. The course is highly recommended for lovers of tea every where.

Typical topics:

The history of tea in Britain What is Tea, how and where does the plant grow
Why all teas are different, etc
The manufacture of black, green, white, oolong, pu'erh and flavoured teas
Tasting teas from each of those categories
How the tea gets from the plantation to the cup