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Tregothnan Estate English Tea :
It's a surprising fact that tea is now being grown in England. Yes, the first ever English tea plantation is on the Tregothnan Estate in Cornwall.

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One day tea tasting course!

Location: Tregothnan Estate in Cornwall, the First Tea Estate in England.

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Tea was first discovered in China in 2737 BC by the Emperor Shen Nung. The story goes that he was sitting beneath a tree drinking hot water. As his servant topped up his cup with some boiling water, a leaf from the tree dropped into the water. The Emperor was impressed with the flavour, and thus the world’s first cup of tea was brewed.

First tea in England

However, 1615 is the date when tea first appears in English literature. And from that date onwards, tea becomes British institution taken all over the world in the expansion of the British Empire and grown in large quantities in India and Africa.

Tea and World War II

The biggest threat to the UK’s tea supplies came during the first world war when the nation’s tea supplies were put under threat. It was during this time that the government, under Wiston Churchill, gave serious consideration to growing tea in the UK. However, horticultural experts advised that a minimum period of six years was required to establish a tea plant, so it was decided to stockpile dried tea instead.

First English tea plantation

The Tregothnan Estate first planted ornamental Tea over 200 years ago. However, commercial tea growing was only taken seriously at the end of the last century, and now, after seven years of trials, Tregothnan has produced the UK’s first home grown tea crop.

Tregothnan varieties of tea

Tregothnan, in Cornwall, takes advantage of the extremely mild climate and warm humidity to grow Chinese and Indian leaf tea. The tea is picked by from April to October. It is blended with other exotic leaves to make four different varieties (Classic, Afternoon, Earl Grey and Green).